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Hi, let me introduce you to a band I've discovered few month ago, and already one of my favourite : BLACK BOMBAIM.

They are from Portugal, and have one of the most astonishing sound I've ever heard. They play a very heavy psychedelic rock, kind of hallucinogenic fuzzy aerial stoner metal. Their music is mostly, if not completly, instrumental. The songs last at least 10 min and are played like an intense and feverish jam session. Forgive all the music codes you learned, no verse, no chorus, just the musicians offering you a unique trip with their music. Yes just three, sometime a saxophonist (like the legendary Steve Mackay !!!!) or a vocalist is invited. How only three guys can produce soooooo much sound !?!?!?!?  When I saw them on stage I was like on transe and one of the few moments I was awake I was wondering how such powerful sound was possible. I've listened many bands sounding incredibly heavy on stage (Wo Fat, Fishbone, Nine Inch Nails) but Black Bombain succeed in spreading so many sounds at the same time. It's not just loud, it's also aerial and whirling. The rythm is constantly changing, the music convulsif, frenetic, threatening, opiated...sometimes all these sensations are together. The feeling is difficult to explain. It's like being drowned in an ocean of sound and shunted by a fuzzy hurrycane. It clearly release unexpected energies from our souls and bodies.

While the drumer is hammering his rythms leading us in an emotionally and physicaly rought transe, the bass make us feel powerful and deep beats from our deepest entrails and heart, like if an unknowed sleeping strengh has suddenly been awaken, and were trying to escape our body. The guitarist, is a giant. Outside the stage he's quite common, you barely notice him. However once he's playing his music he blow out of the water the other. His guitar is like a flame-thrower breathing sounds from the deepest part of the soul. He nearly don't move but he's emitting an incredibly mighty and comforting strenght. Theur music make you feel more free then ever, both spiritly and emotionaly.

I had few striking musical revelations and Black Bombain is by far one the most important of all if not the most alongside with Funkadelic, Led Zeppelin, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Rage Against The Machine. They really play for themself first and want to share with us their music. Their records can be purchased during their shows or on internet. On their website you can chose the price you buy the music (only for the mp3 downloads) : starting from 0 euro !!!! (5 euro for the last album). They make all by themself and don't order a price for it.

Black Bombain is :

Ricardo Miranda (Guitar)
Paulo Gonçalves aka Senra (Drum)
Vitor Rodrigues aka Tojo (Bass Guitar)

That's all for the moment !!! Stay alive, stay free !!!
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  • Listening to: Enter The Riffian - Wo Fat
  • Reading: Amancer Hormigas En La Boca
  • Playing: Rome 2
  • Drinking: Chocolate yogurt !!!!


Antonin Climent
I'm french guy living in Paris. I've always been interested by Art, but never succes to start drawing seriously. I LOVE music. I can't spend a day without her...if i don't listen music i start to feel bad, and get anxious (some peoples say i'm an addict). I'm also an addict to my franco-english dictionary. Except for spanish and french i suck in have pity for my mistakes.

That's all for the moment. I hope you'll like what I do !!!

Current Residence: Paris
Favourite genre of music: Mmmh...Rock, Psycobilly, Funk, Blues, Metal, Celtic, Psy-Trance, Rap, Folk...and more !!!
Favourite style of art: Painting
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Philips Go Gear Ariaz
Favourite cartoon character: Sponge Bob, Marvin the martian, Wile E. Coyote, Taz, Ralph Wigum
Personal Quote: Never be ashamed of what you look like.

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